Meet the Chef

Oliver Glowig

The excellence of the raw materials, fundamental for a high level cuisine, has to get along with fantasy, passion and preciseness. All these skills persuade Oliver, who is able to combine discipline and precision descending from his German origin with Italian creativity and inventiveness.

Ambassador of the Italian gastronomic culture, Oliver is committed to mentor new apprentices who help him in his project to export the concept of Mediterranean diet in the world, from Ristorante “Primavera” by Oliver Glowig at The Ritz-Carlton in Bahrain, to “Locanda” by Oliver Glowig in Saas Fee in Switzerland, through “Toca” in Toronto, they all have in common the research for the good raw material – pasta, olive oil, cheeses, wines – valued and reinterpreted with respect and wisdom and, finally, enriched by a touch of creativity, another typical Italian ingredient, fundamental when it comes to invent new and surprising chromatic combinations.